Windows 8.1 WiFi Issue And It’s Solution

As usual with the release of any new operating system, users have experienced problems on Windows 8.1 preview and specially my own experience. After release of windows 8.1 preview, Network driver or WiFi driver issues is the major problem that many people experienced on it. If you installed the Windows 8.1 Preview, your Wireless LAN driver does not work properly or doesn’t show any WiFi signals to connect but with an Ethernet cable it works fine.
So I’ve only now learned that this was a major problem in the preview version so I feel this should have been resolved by the final release. The problem is the disappearance of device’s WiFi connection. No WiFi, no internet, no multimedia entertainment. It seems that the Windows’ updated 8.1 WLAN driver is incompatible with the Realtek hardware in the machine and apparently I am not the only one having trouble (in fact its been a known issue since the Win 8.1 pre-release beta versions).
If you have updated your computer and now find that you have no internet connection try the following:
1) Press “windows” and “E” key at the same time
2) Right click and select properties
3) Now you can see on the left bar there is an option of “Device Manager” and click on Device Manager
4) click on Network adapters, you can see the signal of one that has the yellow problem triangle and left click the one that has the yellow problem triangle
5) Update driver software
6) Select Search automatically for updated driver software this feature of windows will search your computer and the internet for the latest driver software for device ( for using this feature you need to connect Ethernet cable ) and Install it.
If it wont work on your PC then you need to do yourself.
First of all You need to know about drivers before you do anything. Again open the Open the device manager> network adapters and it will provide you with WiFi adapter driver such as Realtek, Atheros etc. Finding of driver & the properties of device, you should be able to find the specific part model name, and information about the driver. After checking the Driver then you have to move on the PC manufacturer’s product support page. By looking up your specific PC model number, you should be able to locate a list of all the needed drivers for the laptop’s hardware. This was all we needed to do, because all the device drivers were available. Now you can search from your search engine and search “Device name + Windows 7 Driver” and download it.Finally if you have yet to update your computer to Win 8.1 I would strongly urge you to download the latest Win 8 WLAN installation software to your machine.
Again follow the same steps given above up to
step “5” and now this time you have to move on second option which is “Browse my computer for software”
Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer > Choose downloaded diver not Microsoft one
Hopefully your computer’s WiFi hardware will switch itself back on though you’ll probably need to re-enter the password details for your router to gain internet access.
 Watch this video, “How To Fix WIFI Issue in Windows 8/8.1/10”