10 Useful WordPress Sidebar Widgets

There are too many widgets for your blog’s sidebar to make attractive and nice looking. Placement of widgets are just like a fashion which makes even better than before, but you have to know which is the suitable for you. Unarrange and too many widgets makes your blog awful so better known placement and few widgets is good enough for your blog. In this article I am going to give you some useful widgets that’s make your blog as you expected. You can add these widgets anywhere in your sidebar depended on your blog’s theme. These options are available in your blog’s admin panel, located in Appearance<Widgets. From there you can palce your widgets as your expectation and make some awesome design.

1) Youtube channel gallery

Top 10 useful WordPress Sidebar Widgets

The best widget for Youtubers. This is the best widget for your blog if you are going to display youtube channel videos in your blog. I don’t think there are better widgets than this one to display youtube videos in your blog. In this widget it allows you to display your channel’s latest and new videos.

2) Floating social media icon

Top 10 useful WordPress Sidebar Widgets

This widgets is Well designed and looks like attractive. This is the nice widgets for your blog to put social media. It has more than 20+ icon styles with respective size and order. It allows you to arrange manually and auto integration. The best thing is this widgets is you can configure easily and there is an option for Enable/Disable Floating.

3) Newsletter Sign-Up

If you want to decide go through email marketing services and searching for suitable widgets, then this is will be your best option. This will help you to gain visitor regularly. When you will publish new posts in your wordpress blog this widgets send an email to your visitor. This widgets gives various method of sign-up for your wordpress blog.

4) Kento latest tabs widgets

In this widgets you will allow to put tab list of latest, popular, and recent comment with small piece of post thumbnail/gravatar image on your blog’s sidebar. This tab deign in jquery and most popular post is shown in the base of comment.

5) Dexs Navigation Tree

Dexs Navigation Tree includes a list of chapters box to your posts or pages. It can either be shown inside your article utilizing a shortcode or as a part of your sidebar utilizing a widget. The tree is produced consequently. Any header labels inside your article will be added to the tree utilizing the proper structure. Those of you who compose since quite a while ago nitty gritty articles and excercises ought to look at it.

6) Blog subscription by jetpack

Top 10 useful WordPress Sidebar Widgets

This widgets give you more and more subscriber. If you have great blog with content rich then obviously reader want to subscribe your blog to read continuous. This widgets inform to your visitor if you have any new post that’s why reader are rarely miss your new posts.

7) Facebook like box

Top 10 useful WordPress Sidebar Widgets

You can make this widget from facebook developer page. If you want to engage your blog with facebook page than this widgets is just perfect for your blog

8) Polls by OpinionStage

Top 10 useful WordPress Sidebar Widgets

If you are going to search some good poll for your blog then this is the best widgets for your blog. This widget allow you to manage all your various polls from one dashboard. You can customize poll size, font, colour as you expected.

9) WP Twitter Feeds

This is an easy twitter feeds widget for your website with nice feature and design. It will display tweets with a widgets and you can configure easily. There are various options such as like show a profile image, Tweets border, Tweets theme and much more things. You can also set maximun number of tweet but do not get worried about loading time. It have lightweight so that loading time is fast.

10) WP Tab Widget

Top 10 useful WordPress Sidebar Widgets

This widget is powered by ajax and it is fully responsive contain with popular post, lastest post, comment and tags tabs. It loads the content only when demand. It have a some attractive feature such as fully responsive, quick load, easy to modify, control and change the number of tabs and posts to show.

There are so many widgets which is made for wordpress but all the widgets are not so attractive. This top 10 list of widgets is the one of those widgets which seems like attractive and well design. If some widgets are missing that you know then share with others by commenting below. Hope you enjoyed this top 10 list of widgets.