The App Didn’t Start In The Required Time

Though the apps seems fine but some times it didn’t start in the required time. is says that “The app didn’t start in the required time”. There are several reasons behind of this problem. Sometimes windows might be removed some application because of violating the terms of use. Microsoft doesn’t provide any technical support for apps create by other companies. Mostly the windows store will automatically notify you if there’s problem with an app and try to fix the problem. If you continue experiencing problems with an app, or if you’re unable to open the Store, try running the Apps troubleshooter. This tool can automatically identify and fix some problems with apps and the Store. It’s only available in English, but will work on PCs running any language. There are few things you have to avoid for this problem


Applies to :
Windows 8, Windows 8 RT, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 RT
• Sometimes some apps may need to up to date but out of dated your pc cause the problem, So make sure your pc is up to date.


• For PC security some apps might be blocked by windows firewall to help you pc more secure. For this problem you need to make allow for this apps, see the “Allow an app to receive info through the firewall” section of Windows Firewall from start to finish.
• Turn on automatic app updates, this will help you to find update. Sometimes apps itself have problem and update might fix it.
• If all this things will not work on you then final things you need to do is Re-install the app.