Solved: Windows Smartscreen Can’t be Reached Right Now

SmartScreen was first introduced in Internet Explorer 8. When enabled, the system checks web pages against a whitelist of sites known not to be potential security risks. If SmartScreen does not encounter a match automatically displays a warning message before allowing access to sites that have been identified in that way to be potential security threats; such as those that could infect the system with malware or be a phishing scam.
What is Microsoft SmartScreen ?
Microsoft SmartScreen is a phishing and malware filter implemented in several Microsoft products, including Internet Explorer 8 and up, Hotmail, and the Windows 8 operating system. The system is designed to help protect users against attacks that utilize social engineering and drive-by downloads to infect a system by scanning URLs accessed by a user against a blacklist of websites containing known threats.
However, it becomes a bit annoying at times, when you need to install a program that you trust but the Smart Screen blocks it. If you want to disable the Smart Screen option, Follow the procedure below.
• Open the Action Center. You can see a flag like icon that is the Action Center icon. Click on it.
• In Action center, select and click  “Change Windows Smart Screen Settings”
•  After this, a Smart Screen settings window will appear and you can see three options there. Check the last option, turn off Windows Smart Screen and to disable smart screen, press OK.
It’ll immediately turn off SmartScreen feature and you’ll no longer get the warning message in Windows. Hope it will work on you.