SOLVED : program.exe has stopped working in windows

In this article i am going to talk about problem in Dev C++ in windows. “program.exe has stopped working” this is the main problem in windows while we are run program in Dev C++. When we are trying to do some c programming in Dev C++ in windows 7 or windows 8 based computer, there may some problem occur which is called “program.exe has stopped working”. This dialogue is really annoying to Dev C++ user in windows. Here i got some ideas to fix it. Follow the procedure given below

• First of all open the task manager. To open the task manager press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

• Now you can see task manager . On the task manager click on File, press Ctrl and click on New task at the same time. It will open a command prompt.











• At the command prompt type notepad and then press Enter. it will open notepad.









• In this notepad paste the following text

• Now on the notepad, click on File and Save as

• Select All files in the save as type list, and then type Exe.reg in the file name box.

• Select Unicode in the Encoding list, save it and remember the file location.

• Return to the command prompt window, type “REG IMPORT (filepath)/Exe.reg“, and then press Enter









• After that you must have to restart the computer to restore the program icons to their original appearance.

Or you can also check out this video which is given below for visual solution

Well, i think this might be helpfull for you, if you have any confusion please comment below.