Resolution Problem in Windows 8.1

Today here i am going to discuss & troubleshoot about resolution problem which was experienced by many windows 8.1 user and also myself. Recently i found a bug (Resolution problem) in windows 8.1, while upgrading to windows 8.1 from windows 7. Windows 8.1 Upgrade changes the PC settings within the display section. This caused a lot of programs to run at a scaled down or otherwise degraded resolution. This seems to be happening largely(but not limited to) on Lenovo branded laptops. Something to do with the motherboard and how Microsoft Windows recognizes the display. Actually there is two reason why windows 8.1 have this problems, first was driver problem and the second was need to correction in resolution.
• Driver problem
After upgrading to windows 8.1 there may have missing some drivers such as Display driver which cause problem in resolution in your PC. As a workaround, I would suggest you to for this problem you need to update or install compatible display driver for windows 8.1.
Open Action center< windows Updated< check for updated,
this will be help you to find Display driver (VGA driver) and install it. After end of installation process windows automatically change the resolution.
• Correction in Resolution
Sometime there might be a problem in screen resolution and its need to be correction. In some case text and other items on the desktop are looks smaller or larger. In resolution based problem there are two type of problem.
1) Screen Resolution
Right click on desktop and select Screen Resolution.
Select Resolution and change the resolution what suits on you.
2) Appearance and Personalization of Display
Right click on desktop and select Personalize.
click on Display which lies in left bottom corner.
you will see change the size of all items with the option of Smaller and Medium.
choose the option which suits on you and your PC and Apply it
Note: Display driver problem makes Screen Resolution Disappear. i would suggest that if it has happened to you then first you need to update or install Display driver before going to check Screen Resolution or Appearance and Personalization of Display.