Logitech Wireless Mouse Does’t Working

There are few things that you should to know about why your Logitech wireless mouse doesn’t working. Rarely this problem occur when the connection was lost between mouse and the USB receiver. There are several reason why your Logitech wireless mouse doesn’t work. If you have problem with your Logitech wireless mouse on your computer and doesn’t work properly try the following: 1) Update the driver Out of

SkyDrive Error Solution

Windows 8.1 introduces many new and improved features. SkyDrive is one of those feature which is much impressive in windows 8.1 but it has with mixed reviews while it run in windows 8.1. Here we are going to discuss some problems occur in SkyDrive and its troubleshoot. • What is SkyDrive? If you are using

Resolution Problem in Windows 8.1

Today here i am going to discuss & troubleshoot about resolution problem which was experienced by many windows 8.1 user and also myself. Recently i found a bug (Resolution problem) in windows 8.1, while upgrading to windows 8.1 from windows 7. Windows 8.1 Upgrade changes the PC settings within the display section. This caused a

SD card not recognized on Android

There are few things why your SD card not recognized on Android. Hope your card is not corrupted. You can try another SD card and to see if its recognized or windows is missing a driver. Try your SD on another windows based PC or try on a Linux system.First you need to confirm your PC’s driver. If your PC does not detect the SD