Logitech Wireless Mouse Does’t Working

There are few things that you should to know about why your Logitech wireless mouse doesn’t working. Rarely this problem occur when the connection was lost between mouse and the USB receiver. There are several reason why your Logitech wireless mouse doesn’t work.
If you have problem with your Logitech wireless mouse on your computer and doesn’t work properly try the following:
1) Update the driver
Out of date driver may cause the problem so try this
Go to Control Panel->Device Manager->Expand the list under Universal Serial Bus
Look for an unknown USB device or a device with an exclamation point or a question mark next to it.
Right click
Select update driver->The Hardware Wizard will launch, and you will be prompted for the following;
Can windows connect to windows update to search for the driver software?
Select Yes this time only.
What do you want the wizard to do?
Select Install the software automatically.
2) External reason
• low battery – Make sure you have a fresh battery in your mouse.
• Don’t move the USB receiver from one port to another
• Make sure mouse is turned on
• Make sure the USB receiver is directly and securely plugged into a working USB port on your computer.(USB receiver must be plugged directly into your computer)
If you are unsuccessful, and you have a second PC/ laptop, test it there. If you are still receiving the same error for the receiver, contact Logitech Customer Care in your region for a replacement USB receiver.