How to Start a New Blog – Step by Step


How to start bloggingAll Beginner blogger’s have the same question. How to start? Start a new blog, At the very first step of blogging we have a lot of confusing. At the stage of begin, when I started my first blog which was really difficult for me without any guides and I knew absolutely nothing about blogs or blogging are and how to start with them. I kept searching for more information and follows the tutorial on google, YouTube, but they all required technical skills on it and I found them extremely difficult to follow them. After doing lots of tutorials and follow the guides on google, today I have built and manage several blogs. Whatever your age is, it doesn’t matter to start blogging. If you have a writing skill and some thought about blogging then it will be far enough for you. It doesn’t matter you must have a knowledge about coding (HTML, PHP, CSS). Blogging is not a hard task, it’s easy to start after some gaudiness. Here I am going to give you some easy capsule of guides which you will going to made it in less than 30 minutes. You can do it too simply by following the steps which are given below

• What to blog?

First of all you need to be sure what are you going to write on your blog. Make a specific category for your blog, for example: Blog about Travel, Food, Health care, Tech news, Digital Tec troubleshoot, Sports etc. Don’t make a blog like an all in one. If you want to write something about Digital Tech then only write about digital tech on one blog and don’t make a mistake to write about sports, travel etc which is totally different from previous one.

• Domain Name

This is a naming step, Domain name is an identification of a blog. In this step now we are going to give an identification for our blog i.e. giving a special name for our blog. First of all we need to know that there are two kinds of domain name system. Choose one of those domain name system which you would like to use on your blog.

1) Custom Domain Name

2) Sub-Domain Name (Blog Platform Based)

1) Custom Domain Name

This is a system of naming which is full control of you. You can create your own domain name in this type of naming systems. If you want to create your own domain name (for example then you have to pay for it. You can buy it from domain name provider. There are several domain name providers and buy from them.

2) Sub-Domain Name (Blog Platform Based)

This is a system of name which is few longer than a custom naming system. In this type of naming you don’t have full control in your domain name and it will contain blog platform name also (for example, or based on blogging platform. This type of naming look like pretty long. In this type of the domain name system, you don’t have to pay for it and It is totally free.

• Hosting

Hosting is the main part of blogging, as most as previous one. Choosing domain name & decide what to blog is not just going to rock in blogging. Hosting allows you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. If you are going to think about hosting, then there are two types of hosting for your blog which is given below.

1) Self Hosting                                               2) Free Hosting


1) Self Hosting

This is a type of hosting which you have to pay for it. There are several hosting provider company, just buy from them and which will cost $ 3-5 per month which is less than a movie ticket. In this type of hosting you will get full control on your website.

2) Free Hosting

If you don’t want to spend money for hosting then you can choose this option. After choosing Sub-Domain Name (Blog Platform Based) type of domain name for your blog, then you will get automatically free hosting for it. Just like blogger, WordPress etc.


* Note: Remember that free is not free, but why?

You can easily create a free blog on blogger, WordPress or Tumblr, but remember that they are not actually free.

In case of domain, you are not able to get your own choice domain. Yes, you can but you will get a sub-domain formats, for example, my blog name is and if I am going through blogger then it will be So, the is the main domain and they will provide you to create a sub-domain formats. That’s why I strongly recommended you to go for a custom domain name system which is given above in the Domain Name

• In case of hosting, you have no control over your blog which means your blog is under control by others. This statement proves that you are not an owner of your blog. If an Admin or Moderator of your blog which was control of them want to delete your blog for some issue in privacy policies then they can delete it easily. All of your hard work and creativity will be deleted in one second that’s why I strongly recommended you to go for Self Hosting system which is given above in Hosting.

When your blog is self-hosted, you really own your blog/website and you have full control of it. This will shows for serious, professional authors, who is going to build a long term online presence, This is the best things for serious bloggers and what I recommend. After doing all these things now you are able to speed up your blog with your own speed.

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