How to Restore MacBook to Factory Setting

Sometimes we need to restore our MacBook  due to several issues and if we are not able to verify or trouble the issues. Sometime our MacBook might perform slow or sometime we may face several software related issues like corrupted OS X setting, malware infection etc. So if you are also facing the same problem and if you thought about restoring your MacBook then here is solution for you. Restoring your MacBook will erase any private or sensitive information you have on your notebook. So backup your important data before you restore your MacBook.

  • First of all backup your important data.
  • Then open the DVD-ROM on your MacBook.
  • Now insert the Mac OS X Restore DVD.
  • Mac OS X Installer program should load automatically, in some cases it might not load automatically. If so, click on DVD icon.
  • You can see several disk volume, select the one in which you want to install the Mac OS X.
  • Select your language and click on “Continue” after that click “Options” at Select a Destination window.
  • Now you can see “Erase and Install.” Choose that and click on “Continue”.
  • Select “Basic Install” and Click “Install”. Wait few minutes till installation is complete.
  • Once installation is complete, your MacBook is restored to factory setting.
After successful boot now you can sopy your previous data back to your MacBook.
Like this way you can restore your MacBook to factory setting. If you have any queries then you can post comment, we will try to solve your problem.