How to remove from IE, Firefox and Google Chrome (Trovi search engine removal)


Trovi Search is a Browser hijacking virus Which hijacked your browser no matter which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. It will change your default search engine to Trovi Search by redirecting. If this things happening on your browser that means your browser was hijacked with Trovi Search. Do not worry about that, in this article I am going to show how to remove Trovi Search virus from your browser.

Follow the procedure of Trovi Search Manual Removal from your browser (IE, Firefox and Google Chrome) Which is given below.

For Internet Explorer

• Open Run Program (Press Windowskey + R).
• Type “regedit” and press Enter, This will open Registry Editor
• Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

• Now You have to delete this type of Data which which is given below in image

• Close the Registry Editor window

For Firefor

• Open your firefox and type “about:support” in address bar
• Now you need to click ok “Refresh Firefox” button Which is placed in right top corner

How to remove Trovi
• This will reset your Firefox and remove all kinds of redirect virus

For Google Chrome

• Open your “Google Chrome” and type “chrome://settings” in address bar, this will open Setting of your Chrome.
• Click on “Show advanced setting
• Scroll down and you will an option about Reset settings
• Click on “Reset settings” Button
• This will be restored your settings to their original defaults, reset your homepage, new tab page and search engine, disable your extensions, and unpin all tabs. It will also clear other temporary and cached data, such as cookies, content and site data.