How to remove Internet Explorer 11 in Windows

After upgrading to Windows 8.1 automatically we got the latest version of Internet Explorer 11 in the system. Internet Explorer 11 is much more faster and standards compliant than any other version of IE. It is a big step forward for the default windows system browser. According to the Wikipedia, IE 11 scored better than Google Chrome 30 and Firefox 26 in 2 of 4 benchmarks (including WebKit’s SunSpider test), tied for fastest in a 3rd benchmark, and was last in Google’s V8 performance benchmark. As a result of the speed improvements, the reviewer said “if you switched to Chrome for speed alone, you’re now using the wrong browser.”
But sometimes we do not like it much because of addicted to internet explorer 10 or old one. There are several way to remove IE in different windows version. Below windows 8 version you can delete/remove easily from control panel. In windows 8 or 8.1 you can remove from “Turn windows feature on or off”. To remove Internet Explorer 11 in windows 8.1 follow the procedure below.
a) In Windows 8
• Press “Windows key + s”
• You can see search box, in the search box type “Turn windows feature on or off” and click on it
• It will appear windows features, now scroll down the bar and search internet explorer 11
• Unmarked the box of “Internet Explorer 11” and click on OK .
• This feature will remove your Internet Explorer 11 in windows 8.1
 b) In windows 7
• There is  a simple way/method to remove or delete internet explorer in windows 7. It is not a difficult process than in windows 8 .  Simply go to the Control panel, Now select the “Uninstall the Program” option in Control Panel. Scroll down the side bar and search Internet Explorer. After finding the Internet Explorer you can uninstall the program by right clicking on it. Finally you are able to remove/uninstall the Internet Explorer 11 in windows.