How to disable Administrator Permission

Sometimes wee need to modify, delete or renamed the folder of C drive but it doesn’t allow to permission. It says you’ll need to provide administrator permission to do this action or you don’t have permission to delete, rename or save in this location contact the permission to obtain permission. there are three way to fix it. Scroll down the nagging permission screens, if you have more than one user account then changing your account type to Administrator and Disable user account control completely. For external drive there is quick way to solved it. Here are few tips for how to disable Administrator Permission.


For disable administrator permission in windows follow the procedure below
1) Scroll down the nagging permission screens
• Go to the control panel
• Select User Accounts and Family Safety section, then click the user accounts icon
• Click the Change User Account Control Settings link.
• To relax User Account Control, slide the scroll bar down. To increase its strictness, slide it up.
• Click OK after choosing your comfort level.
2) Changing Account Type to Administrator
• Follow this option if you have more then one user account
• Go to the control panel
• select User Accounts and Family Safety section, then click the user accounts icon
• click the change your account type and click ok
• Mark on Administrator option and click on change account type.
3) Disable user account control completely
• Go to the control panel
• Make sure changing view by “Small icons” in control panel
• click on “Administrative tools”
• Click on “Local Security Policy”
• Then find “Security Options” in the left side of the window, and scroll down to the button.
Now you should be able to disable User Account Control completely by left click on it and mark to disable.
# Quick way for External Drive
When you trying to rename/moved/delete some files with plugged in external drive follow this steps below
• Right click on the drive
• Click on Properties
• Click on the Security tab
• Check to see if your user name appears under “Group or user names”
• If it does, click on your name and see what permissions you have under “Permissions for users”
• Give yourself full control of the drive
If your user name does not appear on the list of “Group or user names”
• Add your user name by clicking on Edit
• Click on Add
• Add your user name Click on OK
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