How to Decorate WordPress Website/Blog

Choosing Domain name, Web hosting, Good Themes and putting some contents is not good enough for your website. There are lots of things to do before making your blog attractive. In wordpress blog plugins and widgets are playing main role as a fashion. If you will able to manage plugins and widgets well then I am sure your blog will look like attractive otherwise unarrange of these things make your blog awful. Putting lots of widgets and plugins also not healthy for your blog because lots of widgets take few long time to load your blog. If your site loading time is very slow then it will affect in your site rank and in your google Adsense. If you are not interested to put widgets and plugins in your blog, this is just like a man without a cloth. You have to put all these things, but be careful. In this case there are lots of things to be careful. So, in this article I am going to give you a simple guide to decorate your blog.

• Menus

how to decorate your wordpress site

Menus are the main part of your blog which is located just below the header banner. When the reader/visitors come to your blog, they need a way to get down into the various pages below the home page. It indicates what are the main ingredients your blog present to your reader. Make some effective menus that incorporated all of your blog’s content. Menus are provided a series of links to guide them to specific pages, that’s why this is essential for your blog.

• Sidebar

how to decorate your wordpress site

The sidebar is specially located on the left side of our blog, but it also located on both side a right side only, depended on what theme you are going to use. Sidebar gives your blog some attractive looks. There are many widgets made for sidebar and if you want to know which is the best and useful for your blog then here is a list of sidebar widgets.
10 Useful WordPress Sidebar Widgets

• Social media

how to decorate your wordpress site

Social media are the backbone of our blog. It helps to gain visitor from social media. You can add social media widgets in form of two ways. For sharing button social media, and for your blog/personal social media pages. When visitors read your blog posts and if they are interested to share your posts, then it is essential to put the share button for them. This share button helps you to get more and more visitor to your blog. Now for social media pages, this will provide social media pages such as Facebook, Tweeter, Google+, Linkedin, etc. You can also add a social media button as a widget in your blog’s sidebar/footer.

• Logo

how to decorate your wordpress site

The logo is located on the top left side of our blog. The logo is your blog’s image identification. It gives you a professional look. It is a tool to build an identity for the organization, as part of its trademark or brand. So making a logo that suits to your blog is also essential for your blog decoration.

• Pages

how to decorate your wordpress blog

When I am talking about pages, then you probably think, what is that and why this page for our website? Well, I am talking about pages which indicates your blog’s formalities such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policies. If you are going to apply adsense then it is most essential for you, but if not then also you have to make it for your blog make trustable.

• Ads

Ads are also the main part of your blog. When you are trying to put some ads to earn money from your blog, then just remember do not place ads everywhere. Sometimes the wrong placement of ads is really annoying when a visitor is reading your posts. So, you have to put this ad either on header banner or sidebar. This will helps your visitor to read content smoothly.


There are lots of things to be care in our blog but these things which is given above are the main part of wordpress website/blog. After reading this article now you are able to manage main ingredients of your blog. I thinks you enjoyed this article and if you have any confusion then do not hesitate to comment below.