How to choose best parts for Gaming Computer/PC

Choosing a best parts for gaming computer is even difficult. There are plenty of manufacture companies around the world which are top in their respective categories. We want to build cool gaming PC which gives awesome performance under affordable price. Choosing affordable gaming computer’s parts also can give you an edge and help you win on building a gaming PC. Here i am going to give some helpful tips for building a gaming PC under less budget as can as possible. Before building cool gaming PC you have to choose right parts with affordable price. Here i am going to give few tips about how to choose best parts for your gaming PC.
There are two leading CPU manufacture companies which are Intel and AMD. I don’t think there is another option except between these two CPU. These two CPU are best for your gaming PC. After plenty or research i found that Intel is better but as a comparison on price AMD looks cool
Before choosing motherboard you have to determine these things
Choose your processor, Select a motherboard brand, Select the chipset, Decide on type and number of expansion slot you need, Miscellaneous feature such as extra USB 2.0 ports, firewire, front panel LED, integrated sound and video. Choosing your processor first will give you an idea what type of motherboard to get. If you are getting an AMD CPU, then you will know that you need a motherboard with socket AM2/AM2+ and supports DDR2 RAM. There are popular motherboard manufacturers such as ASUS, AOpen, Intel, ABIT, MSI, Gigabyte, Biostar choose one of the between them.
There are several RAM such as SDRAM, DDR RAM, DDR2 RAM, DUAL CHANNEL. DDR2 Memory runs Dual Channel, so remember to buy memory in pairs: 2 x 512MB is better than 1 x 1GB. Take note of the pin type. 184-pin sticks are DDR(1), 240-pin are DDR. I recommended that using DDR RAM or DDR2 RAM is best for your gaming computer
Graphics Card
Before choosing graphics card you need to look about GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), Bus Interface, Video Memory Size, Memory Type, Pixel Pipeline, Display Interface. I would strongly recommend EVGA 8800 GTX 768MB PCIe. This card is one of the best sellers due to its great performance. It comes with 768MB GDDR3 and produces extremely good 3D performance.