How To Change Desktop Location in Windows

Here i am going to describe about how to change desktop location in Windows 8 and some other default locations. Usually In our daily pc usage we interact with desktop with maximum time and save all things on desktop for easy accessing on next time. Even professional pc users also done the same thing to save files and other documents. Its wrong. I mean save on desktop is not wrong, save on desktop without changing the default location is being wrong Because there are many cases to lose your data which saves on desktop.
If you format or re-install your pc then you must lose files on desktop,my documents and some other default locations and they’re not recoverable by any data recovery software or Operating system compromised with viruses then your files might be risk.This is why Because most of the viruses focused on default locations. In Windows there are 2 ways to change default location. To change the location of your desktop in Windows, follow these steps:
1) From Desktop Properties
• First you need to find default folder. Press “windows key + r” type “.” and press ok
desktop location


• Now you will see default folder of desktop
• Right click on Desktop, select Properties and click on location tab where you can see default location “C:Users…..Desktop
desktop location
 • Now you can change the location where you want, Click on Move button to move the default location to another place and select any other folder on other drive(not operating system drive). Click on Ok button.
• After clicking on Ok button it prompts one dialogue box with the existing and target locations and also with the following message.
“We recommend moving all of the files so that programs needing to access the folder’s content can do so.”
• Simply click on Yes button to do the task.
desktop location
• Once again go to run box by pressing “windows+r” key combination and type “.” to check the new location of desktop. Yes from now on wards your desktop location changes to new target.
2) From regedit
• Create your new desktop folder
Create the folder for your new desktop, if it doesn’t exist, and use the location bar in Explorer to copy the folder’s path to your clipboard.
• Relocate your desktop files
Move all the files from your current desktop location to the new location. If you are doing this by moving icons directly off your desktop, be sure to avoid the special icons that do not represent actual files on your desktop, such as the Recycle Bin.
• Update the desktop location registry value
desktop location
Now, use regedit to edit the following registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerShell FoldersDesktop
Find the value name called “Desktop” and set its data to the desired location for your desktop.


desktop location
• Restart Explorer
To allow the changes to take effect, log off and back in. Or, if you’re a more advanced user, simply kill the explorer process and allow it to restart itself
• How to Restore it to previous location?
► If you want to get back to the previous location just follow these few steps
► Press “windows key + r” type “.” and click ok
► now you will see default folder of desktop
► Right click on desktop and select the properties
► After opening the desktop properties go to location tab and select “Restore Default” to get back the previous location.
► Once again it prompts confirmation dialogue box, click on Yes to start the restoring process.
► Finally you can restore the desktop location successfully.
► In the same way you can change other locations like my documents,downloads,my music etc
If you want to make troubleshoot in visual then you may like this video

  • chandan


    I have moved my desktop to my friends external hard drive( and …he deleted that folder ). I get and an error ‘H:\Desktop refer to a location that is unavailable’. I tried changing the location in shell folder. Even though the location has changed in the shell folder, I still get the same error.

    Pls help!!