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How to Fix “Unable to connect to the proxy server” Error (ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED)

In this article I am going to show you how to fix “Unable to connect to the proxy server” Problem ( ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED ) in your browser. Actually this problem will occur when your computer infected by malware.

How to Download Files From BlueStacks to your Computer (Windows)

BlueStacks is an Android apps player for computer/PC. After installing BlueStacks on your computer, you can able to access the Android application just like in Android phone. But sometime their users are not feeling friendly with this

How to remove “Ads by Online Browser Advertising” (Quick Way)

Sometimes our computer affected by some unwanted virus which is called malware or an adware in form of “Ads by Online Browser Advertising”. Actually you need to be sure malware affected when “Ads by Online Browser Advertising”

Solved: Updates are disable by the administrator (Google Chrome)

Sometimes some policies will not allow to automatically update your computer’s application. To change this type of policies you need to go through Registry Editor and edit their value. In this article I am going to make

How to remove “Ads not by this site” from your browser

Sometimes our computer affected by some unwanted malware or an adware. Actually you need to be sure malware affected when “add not by this site” dialogue was appear on your browser. This “Ads not by this site”

SOLVED : g++.exe has stopped working

In windows 8 “g++.exe has stopped working” dialogue is appear on dev c++ because of compatibility issue with software. There is a simple way to solve it and in this article am going to show how do

SOLVED : program.exe has stopped working in windows

In this article i am going to talk about problem in Dev C++ in windows. “program.exe has stopped working” this is the main problem in windows while we are run program in Dev C++. When we are

SkyDrive Error Solution

Windows 8.1 introduces many new and improved features. SkyDrive is one of those feature which is much impressive in windows 8.1 but it has with mixed reviews while it run in windows 8.1. Here we are going

How to enable compatibility view in Internet Explorer 11

Starting with Internet Explorer 8, a compatibility view feature was shipped by Microsoft in Internet Explorer to help users deal with web page rendering issues. It was implemented as a button on the address bar. Sometimes websites

Skype not working after upgrading to windows 8.1

After upgrading to windows 8.1 it looks amazing however when you are ran out through some application or going to open installed application such as Skype, Viber and some features, it starts to load for a few