Bypass start screen and directly boot on desktop on windows 8.1

Microsoft has recently released the full version of it’s Desktop OS Microsft Windows 8.1 with lots of changes and improvements. In Windows 8.1 microsoft has tried to make lots of lots of changes to make it more user friendly. Windows 8 series is mainly targeted to the screen touch user types and most of the UI on windows 8 are focused for the Touch PC user. SO non touch PC user may want to remove such features and want to use the desktop as it was on Windows 7.
Microsft has brought start button back on windows 8.1 and had brought many new features on it’s UI. Among those new features one is the option to bypass the start screen and to directly boot on the desktop.
Now in Windows 8.1 user can experience a built-in feature to hide Start Screen and directly boot on to the desktop.
You can see a screenshot of Start screen of Windows 8.1 below.

To disable start screen on boot, you must first right click on the Toolbar and click on properties.

 Now click on Navigation tab and there you see lots of options. Now tick on the Go to Desktop instead of Start when I sign in.

You are donw now. You can restart your PC to see the changes. Your start screen is finally bypassed and now you can directly login to desktop when you boot.