Author: Ashok Khatri

10 Useful WordPress Sidebar Widgets

There are too many widgets for your blog’s sidebar to make attractive and nice looking. Placement of widgets are just like a fashion which makes even better than before, but you have to know which is the suitable for you. Unarrange and too many widgets makes your blog awful so better known placement and few

Windows 8.1 Secret Tips and Tricks

It’s been a long time that Windows released their Windows 8.1 version. Day by day we got even familiar with the new version of windows and we will get more and more knowledge about it. But something is more interesting about getting knowledge. Maximum tips and tricks will gain from practicing when we use windows

How to remove “Ads by Online Browser Advertising” (Quick Way)

Sometimes our computer affected by some unwanted virus which is called malware or an adware in form of “Ads by Online Browser Advertising”. Actually you need to be sure malware affected when “Ads by Online Browser Advertising” dialogue was appear on your browser. This “Ads by Online Browser Advertising” infection is designed specifically to make

Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms

If you want to start a new blog with your new passion and ideas then I am sure you are looking for a better platform for your blog. Obviously blogger and WordPress are the most popular platform, but there are also many common choices. But the only two option of blogging platforms is not an

Your AdSense upgrade request has been denied

Nowadays Google Adsense policies are going more and more strict and the user didn’t get an approval Adsense through an easy way. Getting a Google Adsense account approval is very difficult for a user because they do not understand the basic things just like they are not following basic Adsense program policies and they are