Android Wi-Fi Error : Wi-Fi not turning on

We all spend a lot of time on internet these days and when the smartphone wont just let you turn its wifi ‘on’, it
feels like hitting with a brick. When something like this happens we all rush to Google to find a solution. Users who cannot connect to WiFi on their Android smartphone or who connect and then quickly lose their connection can take some steps to fix the Android WiFi issues.
So, lets see how to do it.
Step 1:
Dial *#*#526#*#* into your phone’s keypad. It will show a message “Driver Loading Successful . If this is the message that comes up on the screen, than wi-fi should work now fine. If you get “Driver Loading Unsuccessful” on the screen then you should move on to Step 2.
Step 2:
Dial *#*#526#*#* again and this time click on the options button.
Step 3:
Select Rx Test.
Step 4:
Now select Channel >9.
Step 5:
Click Start and exit.
Now wait for some time and wifi should now work just fine.
Alternatively, you can also try an app called WiFi fixer. It resets the wifi related file system of the Android phone.
Also, for Samsung users there is a pretty neat trick that works quite effectively as well.
Only For Samsung

Step 1:
Turn off the wifi and go to ‘Allshare’ feature of Samsung Android phones.
Step 2:
When it asks you to connect to a wifi network, just connect to the one you want to.
It magically removes the issue but this fix only works because of the Allshare feature so its limited to only Samsung Android phones.
Alternative Way
a) If that doesn’t work try to do a hard reset which will clear everything and all your data will be erased so better do a backup of important data. you can try this code *2767*3855# see if it works
b) If nothing works i hope you have your warranty intact so, take it to nearby service center they will definitely fix it !!!