7 Alternative of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a side-scrolling mobile game featuring 2D retro style graphics. The objective is to direct a flying bird, which moves continuously to the right, between each oncoming set of pipes without colliding with them, which otherwise ends the game. The bird briefly flaps upward each time the player taps the screen, and the player is scored on the number of pipe sets the bird successfully passes through. But Flappy Bird is gone forever because it is ‘an addictive product’. Nguyen Ha Dong, a Vietnamese game developer, announced on Twitter Saturday that he would take down his game Flappy Birds. He told Forbes that the app is ‘gone forever’ and that he took it down as it was becoming too addictive for people.

After pulled Flappy Bird game by creator many fans seeking for alternative way of Flappy Bird. Are you one of the individuals who missed out on downloading Flappy Bird to your iPhone or Android phone before the weekend was over? everyone should just calm down, because there are plenty of other games out there to keep you idly tapping away at your phone for hours. Here are Seven solid alternatives.
Flappy doge
The best part about Flappy Doge is that it is just as challenging as Flappy Bird was, has no ads to deal with, and lets you have fun with a pixelated Shiba Inu rather than the ‘notorious’ bird from the original. Good luck and have fun!
like Flappy Bird, this is a side-scrolling game with just one control. But unlike Flappy Bird, Badland places you in a visually stunning world — a complex, colorful rainforest. Also unlike Flappy Bird, it is not free, but this one seems like it’s worth the purchase.
Squishy Bird
Crush all the birds that try to break past your tubes. Only works in Chrome browser.
Want to try and different kind of Flappy Bird? Try Ironpants, an even HARDER game! Weave through the city.
Flappy Plane
Flap your wings to fly in this flappy bird styled ios game. How far do you think you can take your plane today? Good luck!
Flappy Bird ONLINE
Flappy Bird ONLINE lets you bring the fun, challenge, and frustration of flappy bird online. How far will you be able to make it?
Droplet Shuffle
Play Droplet Shuffle on your mobile device now. From the makers of Flappy bird come this fun memory game.
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